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Party Photos
updated: January, 2009

NEW: New Years Eve - 2008/12/31 photos.

Note: these document debauchery that you may find offensive and/or titillating.

If you happen to be in any of these photos and want them pulled from this site, just let me know.

updated: July, 2007

Sovren Vintage Race photos.

Messages Movie set
updated: April 9, 2005
movie set photos

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Updated April 25, 2005
I use the Adobe RGB color mode when taking photographs. Unfortunately, most browsers do not yet support Adobe RGB color. If you are not using Safari, you will be shown versions converted to standard RGB. Some older images are only available in standard RGB.

About how I rate my photos.
updated: March 3, 2004
There is approximately one order of magnitude increase in the standard to qualify for each star. Fractions of a star are rounded down. This is highly subjective, and I probably spend way too much time thinking about what rating to give any particular image.
* (one star)

A one star image is neither technically good nor aesthetically pleasing. A typical example of a one star image would be most snapshots or vacation photos taken with a disposable camera, or a drivers license photo.

** (two stars)

A two star image might have something of interest in it, but be nearly ruined by major flaws. A two star image may be technically good, but just boring. A typical example of a two star image would be any portrait you get taken in a mall or Sears portrait studio.

*** (three stars)

A three star image has some emotional, intellectual or aesthetic impact, at least if you know the story behind the photo. A typical example of a three star image is an average newspaper photo. It is likely to resonate for a sizable percentage of viewers.

**** (four stars)

A four star image is worth framing. It usually has something to say, and doesn't need any explanation to have an impact. It is good enough to be the focal point for an article in a major magazine. A typical example of a four star image would be the fashion photography in most catalogs from large retailers.

***** (five stars)

A five star image is perfect, or nearly so. Any flaws somehow manage to work to its advantage. Good enough to be considered an important work of art. A typical example of a five star image would be many of the popular photos by Ansel Adams.

I have not yet taken any photos that I would give 5 stars to. There are very few of my photos that I think are "Good".

I have learned enough that for any given shooting session, I will almost always get at least a few "Decent" images. Overall all, I think I am a decent photographer, which puts me on the same level as most other professional photographers. There are many "Good" photographers out there, but most of them will charge many times what I do.

A note on post-processing. Using Photoshop and other tools, I can often make enough improvements to get one more star than what the image looked like straight out of the camera. Of the four star images I have so far, half started out as a 3 star that just needed some tweaking.

Old photos
updated: March 23, 2004

If after looking through here, you want to see some of my older stuff from a low quality camera, try my dc4800 gallery. Most of my dc4800 photos are ** out of 5, but there are a few *** out of 5 scattered about. There are also quite a few * out of 5 in there, especially in the older sections. The ratings are not shown though.


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